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Is a Tooth Abscess a Dental Emergency?

December 29, 2023
Is a Tooth Abscess a Dental Emergency

In the daily hustle of work, family and life, tending to your dental health can often end up a lower priority. But what happens when you suddenly experience a sharp, pounding ache in your tooth that refuses to subside? It may likely indicate a tooth abscess - a condition that does indeed constitute a dental emergency in Long Beach requiring prompt attention. Understanding why abscesses need urgent care, typical symptoms and available treatment options allows you to take quick action for relief when you need it most.

How Dental Abscesses Develop  

A tooth abscess refers to an infection containing swollen pus surrounding a tooth root tip in the jawbone. This pus builds up in hollow pockets, often due to untreated advanced tooth decay or gum disease. Cracked teeth and trauma also expose inner tooth layers to oral bacteria, enabling infections. The infection spreads through channels from the tooth root into bone tissues. Pressure builds as pus accumulates with no outlet until considerable swelling and severe pain start interfering with normal function.  

Recognizing Abscess Symptoms  

The symptoms signaling a brewing tooth abscess can range from mild to intense depending on its progression stage. Catching problems early better control bigger issues later. Things to watch for include sensitivity to hot and cold, throbbing pain when chewing or biting, gum swelling near the troubled tooth's base, pimple-like bumps on gums oozing pus, loose teeth feeling like they’re pushing outward and even fever or lymph node swelling as the infection worsens. 

Act Immediately - Abscesses Are Emergencies!

Given how rapidly dental abscesses escalate into tissue destruction and dangerous spreading infections, waiting to seek treatment risks severe and dangerous consequences. The infection can degrade jawbone stability and integrity alarmingly quickly while also harboring bacteria that infiltrates the bloodstream. Seek emergency dental attention promptly within a day or two once you notice anything suspicious by calling Long Beach dentists like Bixby Dental Studio for urgent evaluation. Swift intervention can still save affected teeth.

Common Treatments Target Infection 

When examined urgently, emergency dentists first determine if the concerning tooth remains salvageable through therapeutic root canal treatment or if extraction proves necessary. If the tooth integrity remains intact, they drill an access channel through the chewing surface into the abscessed root canal system. From there they flush out toxins and infected material before sealing and capping the interior to curb further spread. Prescribed antibiotics also combat lingering germs. Follow-up appointments ensure resolution. For unrecoverable teeth, extraction provides relief by fully removing the abscess focal point.

Rest Easy With a Trusted Dentist Team

Don’t take chances with alarming dental symptoms - abscesses only amplify without treatment. Contact emergency dentistry specialists Drs. Jose and Sara at Bixby Dental Studio promptly when in doubt - we offer same-day urgent care if warranted. Call (562) 279-2150 to arrange assessing your situation without delay - day or night. We endeavor to deliver prompt pain relief along with compassionate support to patients struggling with dental distress. Let our years of advanced endodontic expertise restore health and ease from abscess affliction. Smile easier once the crisis passes!

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